Alberta German Shepherd Breeder

About Motto Creek

Motto Creek German Shepherds is owned and operated by the Brooks family on their acreage outside of Niton Junction, Alberta.

The Brooks family takes great pride in picking high quality German Shepherds to breed for a healthy and loyal family pet with a kind temperament.

Motto Creek currently has four breeding females, one breeding male and two German Shepherd pets.  All Motto Creek dogs spend the greater part of their days enjoying the freedom that living on an acreage can bring.  During the evening they enjoy the comforts of a nice warm kennel.  When penned, they are paired two to a pen so they are never lonely.

When guests come into our yard they are greeted by light barking and wagging tails. Being German Shepherds, they are naturally protective of their families and property.  Their size is enough of a deterrent, we don’t need aggression in them.

Our females are bred once a year, which allows them to recover faster and have healthier litters. 

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