Motto Creek Dogs

We Currently Have two Breeding Females and one Breeding Male


Rex is our purebred German Shepherd stud, imported from Serbia.  He is a very kind and happy boy.  

Rex is as stunning on the inside as he is on the outside.  He  gets along with everyone.  He’s very good with his pack, and his people, no matter how small.

Hips – “A”  Elbows – “0”

Hips – Good; GS-107151G42M-NOPI

Elbows – Normal; GS-EL-45305M42-NOPI



Our little Emmie is a purebred German Shepherd, imported from Serbia.  She is a very smart and kind girl.

She is always happy to go for a run, exploring her surroundings. 

She is very easy going and loves to play with the puppies.  We have high hopes for her litter this spring.


Viki, aka Momma Bear is a  purebred German Shepherd, that has arrived from Serbia.

Viki is a very big and kind girl.  She has been adjusting to her new home here very nicely.  

Viki was be bred to Urbo, out of Gary vom Huhnegrab in Serbia.  She had three big healthy girls.

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